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Guangdong Ruimai Electric Co., Ltd. established a global marketing center in Shenzhen, China, in the forefront of reform and opening up in April 2017. Shenzhen Jieshang Technology Co., Ltd. is fully responsible for Ruimai’s own brand. RS Jieshang, as well as brand promotion, marketing, product sales and after-sales service of authorized brands such as CHIGO Zhigao, BITOU BEAUYU (Japan) electric toothbrush, tooth cleaning and so on. After the business development, Guangdong Ruimai Electric Co., Ltd. established Rooman Ruimai Global Marketing Center in Shenzhen in March 2018 - Shenzhen Huiyingda Technology Co., Ltd., responsible for the electric toothbrush and tooth cleaning based on Rooman Ruimai brand. The global operation of a series of protection products.

At present, Rooman electrical toothbrush care products in the domestic market has enabled the brand image endorsement, the company solemnly invited the international supermodel Anna & child star Daniella endorsement Zhigao toothbrush brand, so that the electric toothbrush products a new height. At the same time, the company invited the domestic new generation of tender Miss Zhao Yixin as RS Jieshang electric toothbrush image ambassador, so RS Jieshang electric toothbrush closer to the new generation of young people。

Domestic sales network
At present, the company in the country to build marketing network,
Online, offline, exclusive channels,
Willing to join your electric toothbrush industry,
Please contact us, pay close attention to it.

Currently, Rooman Appliances has its own outlets in cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Universal Tesco, as well as establishing outlets in well-known platforms such as ebay and newegg. In addition, Rooman has its own subsidiaries in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and some European countries Foreign trade partners. We welcome buyers from all over the world to contact us to discuss cooperation。

OEM / ODM processing

Rooman electrical appliances to undertake all the electric toothbrushes, teeth cleaning products such as a finished product and parts of the R & D and production and processing. At present, we have formed a one-stop production and processing system from product development and design, mold opening, injection molding, fuel injection, laser engraving, pad printing, hair transplantation, assembly, testing and packaging. At the same time, with SYR, Tupperware, Haier, Konka and other famous brands to establish business contacts, with a complete set of R & D and production testing procedures and standards, feel free to your inquiries and on-site visits。

You can check the maintenance policies of the various products, Three Guarantees rules and attention and so on repair and take the machine and so on。

The following if there are inconsistencies or omissions with the national policy, the national policy shall prevail.
Due to the performance of the product itself (see the national regulations, "Small Appliances Products Performance Fault Table"), you can valid invoice and effective three bags of evidence in accordance with the provisions of the Three Guarantees will enjoy the following three bags of services:

Within 7 days
Within 7 days from the date of sale, the electric toothbrush host appears the performance breakdown listed in the national "Small Appliances Damaged Product Performance List", consumers can choose to return, exchange or repair。

Within 1 month
From the date of sale on the 8th to the 30th day, the electric toothbrush host appears the national regulations "performance problems of small household appliances performance table," the performance of failure, consumers can choose to exchange or repair。

Within a year
Three Guarantees electric toothbrush host is valid for one year, your electric toothbrush host performance problems, can enjoy the warranty service。

Service Description:
(1)Within the validity of the Three Guarantees, the user must issue a purchase invoice and valid Three Guarantees vouchers in order to enjoy the replacement, return the right; if you lose the valid invoice and warranty card, and can not provide a valid invoice and warranty copies Piece, your electric toothbrush mainframe can enjoy a free warranty within one year from the 90th day after the date of manufacture as the starting date of the warranty。
(2) Within the warranty period, rechargeable batteries, chargers and other accessories appear in the national "Small Appliances Performance Failure Table" listed in the performance failure, can enjoy free replacement with the same brand of the same model with the specifications of the annex services. The replacement period of the above attachment is one year。
(3) The company's other products on the configuration (such as: brush head, packaging, warranty card, etc.) does not assume the responsibility of the Three Guarantees。

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