Rely on big data to defend people's teeth
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Owning a good tooth is the basis of good health, poor teeth can cause a variety of diseases. Studies show that people with poor teeth are more susceptible to cancer and have a higher risk of heart disease, stomach problems, pharyngitis, impaired memory, Depression and so on. But most people are not aware of the problem. Although this situation has improved in recent years, people are beginning to pay attention to dental health, but with little success.

As we all know, brushing teeth is the most common practice to keep teeth healthy, but most people do not know the correct method of brushing. Most importantly, most people do not choose the correct toothbrush due to the uneven quality of toothbrushes, Wrong brushing methods and inappropriate toothbrushes not only fail to clean the teeth but also cause damage to the teeth.

According to statistics, less than 1% of China's population meets the dental health standards. Behind the huge unhealthy population of teeth, there is a tremendous crisis in the health of Chinese people.

In this context, Jie Shang science and technology determined for the country in the electric toothbrush industry to establish a new healthy image, for the health of people's teeth to do their part.

According to foreign reports, quite a few dentists have started to recommend electric toothbrushes to their patients in the past few years. Because people often have limited manual brushing, can not do a comprehensive clean teeth. The sonic toothbrush use of sound waves in the periodontal cavitation effect to eradicate periodontal pathogens and impurities, the cleaning range can cover all parts of the periodontal.

Acoustic waves are transmitted to the teeth and gingival surfaces through the bristles of the brushheads. On the one hand, loose plaque, tartar and the adhesion of small calculus and teeth can destroy the parasitic breeding of bacteria in the hidden parts of gingival pouches and tooth surfaces. At the same time, Gingival brushing to the gingival surface of the ultrasonic energy to further penetrate into the gingival, acting on the cell membrane, accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, can inhibit the inflammation of the gums and bleeding gums to prevent gingival recession. Experiments show that electric sonic toothbrush removal of 38% more than manual toothbrush plaque, its cleaning ability has been unanimously approved by the oral experts.

Shenzhen Jie Shang Technology Co., Ltd. is a tooth cleansing and health smart electronic products for the development of the direction, committed to adult and children ultrasonic toothbrush, electric toothbrushes, ultrasonic cleaning devices and other electronic series of electronic products development, marketing and related technical services to private High-Tech Companies.

Shenzhen RS Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangdong Rui Mai Electric Co., Ltd., Rui Mai Electric's global marketing center, controlled by Guangzhou Te Mei Acoustic Group and Dongguan Ming Zhen Electric joint-stock holding.

RS is still technology has international standards laboratory, a strong R & D team, improve the quality of system management, advanced testing equipment. Co-brand and customers include Haier, Agricultural Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Ctrip, China Southern Airlines as the representative of a series of well-known companies. Jie Shang technology back to many well-known enterprises to provide technical support products, including Haier electric toothbrush.

Adopting magnetic levitation motor, high precision control chip, imported DuPont special toothbrush brushes and large capacity lithium battery, JieShan Technology has developed a series of electric toothbrushes for adults and children with real IPX7 waterproof and wireless charging to meet the needs of domestic and foreign counterparts "Correct brushing, health care," consumer demand.

Jie Shang technology production and processing center is located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, built in 1994, with 35,000 square meters of industrial park, with more than 500 sets of automated processing equipment and a number of dust-free processing production lines. Products from the mold, injection molding, printing, planting hair, assembly, testing, packaging, the formation of one-stop production and processing operations. Annual production capacity of various types of toothbrushes, brushes, electric toothbrush 5 million.

Glimpse of the workshop



Glimpse of the workshop



Glimpse of the workshop


Glimpse of the workshop


Glimpse of the workshop


At present, Jie Shang Technology has "RS, Rui Mai" own registered brand, with "Chi" and "Mei Tong" electric toothbrush authorized brands. Among them, the sound wave electric toothbrush series with 3 full-effect cleansing system: magnetic levitation deep clean sound motor, tooth-level scrub whitening technology, suitable tooth massage brush. Set cleaning teeth, whitening, teeth three functions in one. RS's latest Auto-5 Dental cleansing modes enjoy a total of 5 personalized Dental care options, including a cleansing, whitening, polishing, massage and sensitive cleansing system.

Statistics show that there are problems with the teeth of nearly 80% of adults in our country. In other words, eight out of ten have bad teeth. Whether a person's teeth are healthy or not affects the physical and psychological health to a great extent. Jie Shang technology hope that the application of advanced technology to provide a safe and reliable fashion, peace of mind at ease of intelligent technology products, careful care of every child and adult teeth, helping people's teeth health.

In addition, RS technology relies on the Internet app, established a big data center, to provide customers a full range of dental health care solutions.

In short, dental health is the foundation of good health. Maintaining the health of the teeth, it is important to choose a toothbrush, is more important to a good company.

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