Guangdong Rooman Electric Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales in one of the smart home appliances company. The main products are hanging magnetic floating electric toothbrush, smart teeth cleaning, intelligent sweeping robot, smart air purifier. Is a national high-tech enterprises.

The company is located in the historic city of Humen, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, covers an area of ​​27,000 square meters, nearly 800 employees. Have a sound, mature parts and components supporting the professional sector: Die Design and Manufacturing Center, dust-free injection molding workshop, dust-free printing pad printing plant, dust-free brush head woven workshop and dust-free automated assembly shop. From the mold manufacturing, injection molding, printing, fuel injection, laser carving, knitting wool to the finished assembly process can be completed within the company. Maturity of the internal components and parts on the site effective quality control, reduce procurement costs, ensure delivery customers, providing a solid platform. The company focused on product development, with nearly 500 square meters of research and development centers and nearly 400 square meters of laboratory, with more than 30 professional R & D team, in recent years, access to more than 80 design, structure and appearance of patents, especially in electric Toothbrush field, a number of design patents. Emphasis on after-sales service, with nearly 600 square meters of professional products showroom, set up a special marketing center in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, has a nearly 30 professional sales and service team.

The long-term development strategy of the Company adheres to the principle of "OEM" and "brand building", and has established good business cooperation with many international and domestic brands such as Dr.fresh, SYR, Gemelli, Tupperware, Meitang, Haier, Zhigao, Konka Wait.

Love life, love ROOMAN, "forge ahead, towards excellence" to create a smart home appliances brand, the road to building national brands, will be our relentless pursuit of relentless.

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