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Guangdong Rui Mai Electric Co., Ltd. will launch in June 2015 its first electric toothbrush.

Rui Mai first electric toothbrush - RM-ET100 official production. The starting RM-ET100 a total of sky blue, cherry powder two, will soon be on sale in Lynx and Jingdong Mall, priced at around 400 yuan.

After more than a year of research and development and continuous testing, RuiMAIL successfully introduced the first product of personal care - Rui Mai electric toothbrush RM-ET100.

Original sound micro-vibration technology, low friction to protect the gums, zero damage to clean the mouth; body using IPX7-level waterproof, enjoy the clear feel at your will, brush design DuPont high technology hair removal technology, unique concave wave brush pattern, all-round deep cleaning teeth. Ultra-quiet effect, use more comfortable.

Charging mode: wireless inductive charging, safe and waterproof, international voltage charging, go out more convenient.

How it works: Adopt the original acoustic micro-vibration technology, so that the liquid in the mouth to produce a strong mobile Jie, deep penetration, comprehensive cleaning more thoroughly.

Three kinds of brushing patterns are free to change, to meet the different needs of cleaning teeth, effectively alleviate various gum problems and improve gum health.

Rui Mai launched this electric toothbrush designed to bring consumers a new oral care concept, enhance personal experience. In the future, Rui Mai will continue to innovate oral care technology through various platforms to create more intelligent and personalized oral care.

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